SIDIA - The Body Exfoliant

SIDIA - The Body Exfoliant

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Introducing our gentle cleansing exfoliant for everyday. Infused with skincare ingredients like bakuchiol (a plant-based retinol dupe) to firm and smooth fine lines, niacinamide to reduce dullness, and gentle rice exfoliators to softly resurface skin (no harsh, scrubby grain here).

In SIDIA's quickly-iconic WIRED, the scent hits like a burst of clarity to ground your grind. An energetic fusion of ash-spiced tobacco, tonka and tea leaves meet bright top notes of spearmint & ginger to soothe the nerves of the day. Crisp notes of Citrus & Eucalyptus, lighten the blend while sharpening all of the senses.

Citrus Peel, Ginger, Cool Mint, Bergamot

Eucalyptus, Tea Leaves, Rose Petals, Matcha

Tobacco, Sandalwood, Tonka

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